An Introduction…

Ah, behold the power of Firsts. Not first place (which *is* lovely), but the novel experience.

For most of us, the First Time we do something, experience something — well, it’s often a well-remembered, potentially magical kind of event. Parents remember the firsts for their children, taking pictures and maybe a video, telling and retelling the story for years. Just a few days ago my son accomplished his first “Yes, I think that qualifies” crawl. It may have looked more like a lopsided, poorly executed downward-facing-dog: using his face and one arm to prop up his chest while his legs attempted a slow but certain push forward. But! it was movement, decidedly different from the well-perfected roll that has been his primary means of solo transportation to date.

Watching this, I found that I was experiencing the blend of happy sadness with which most parents are familiar: it’s terribly exciting and awe-inducing to see your child master a new skill. Concurrently, the March of Growing Up and the inevitability of your child slowly separating themselves from you…bittersweet.

Plus, there’s all this baby-proofing that needs to happen around our house and crap on a crap cracker, I ain’t ready for it. But no matter – he is. Little Man is going to be doing his own introductions to the world and you can already see by the smile on his face that HE IS READY. And so, away we go!

Not to be outdone, this lady is ready for an opportunity to do the same. Introductions and Firsts really are the best….

HELLO! And, WELCOME! Welcome to the space I have created to talk about all things sport psych! I have started this blog in concert with a “new” business venture (adventure?) for myself:


I predict that this will be a space to talk about mental training, the psychology of best performance, working with athletes and teams, research within sport psychology and related fields, and any other related topics that I find amusing or interesting. In the long run, who knows? I’ve been known to change course and deviate from the beaten path every once in a while. But for now, I shall try and focus, to give you a chance to get to know a little about me.

I hope that in reading this blog, you’re starting to get the perhaps still “slightly out of focus” image of who I might be as an individual outside of who I am as a professional. Which is, ironically, sometimes slightly out of focus. Or is it off topic? Either way. Come visit when you can, let me know what you think of our conversation.

In the meanwhile, as I’m learning about myself as a blogger (which may be discovering that I am as long-winded and prone to over-sharing as I am in person) and learning about the wonders of wordpress, I’ll invite you to think about your important firsts.